18 Shocking Photos Of Celebrities Before And After Photoshop

The secret is out! Photographers have a tool that they use to help celebrities look as amazing as they do in pictures and it’s called Photoshop. Surprise! Celebrities already have an arsenal of image improvement tricks, like make-up, the best personal trainers, plastic surgery, and the list goes on. That list also includes tweaks and […]


20 Celebrity Diets That Helped Them Lose Weight

While it is easy to accumulate body weight, losing it is usually difficult. As more people live sedentary lifestyles today, the rate of obesity is increasing. According to the US National Institute of Diabetes, two-thirds of the world’s population is overweight while one person out of three is obese. If you find inspiration from celebrities, look […]


20 White House Mistresses Who ‘Served’ Their Country

With the upcoming election on everybody’s mind, we thought it’d be a wonderful time to remember our past Presidents… But instead of listing their accolades, we thought we’d take a look at some of the “not so presidential” things they’ve done. After all, where there’s power and politics involved, there’s bound to be scandal! It’s a well known fact that many […]